Entrance to Rebbe Nachman's tomb in Uman
Entrance to Rebbe Nachman's tomb in Umanistock

Despite the threat of Russian strikes in Ukraine's interior, the Jews of Uman are not planning to leave.

The local boys' school, under the auspices of Uman's rabbi, Rabbi Yaakov Jann, is holding regular classes; meanwhile, constant prayers are being offered at the gravesite of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, situated in Uman.

Already a week and a half ago, Rabbi Jann called on local Jews to leave Ukraine if they were able to do so.

"Answering this question of all questions at the current time - that of whether to leave or remain - is not simple," Rabbi Jann wrote then. "What is clear, however, is that we must neither panic nor remain complacent.

"After consulting with Torah leaders and experts in the situation," Rabbi Jann continued, "I am recommending that all tourists must leave Ukraine by Wednesday [over a week ago]. Those who live here with their families should also leave if they are able to do so with ease, until the crisis passes."

Rabbi Jann concluded his letter with reassurance that no one would be left without necessary assistance. A week later, most of Uman's Jews have opted to remain.