The babies born at 2:22a.m.
The babies born at 2:22a.m.Hadassah spokesperson

Twins were born on February 22, 2022 (22.02.2022), at 2:22a.m., at Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center, the hospital reported.

The first twin was born at 2:22, into the arms of Ofra Gilboa, the midwife who had accompanied the mother throughout the birth.

"The amazing mother had been induced for several hours, but it wasn't really progressing," Gilboa said. "When I came in for the night shift I told the parents that the two are apparently waiting to be born at the nice hour of 2:22a.m., and that was what happened - we all became emotional along with them."

"The twins are identical, amazingly sweet, and their parents are so happy with the two little ones, whose five-year-old brother is waiting at home to meet them."

The new mother said, "On a special date, two special babies were born after an amazing birth that went well and was a healthy and good experience, thanks to Ofra the midwife."

The medical staff with the twins Credit:Hadassah spokesperson