A hostage situation in an Apple store in Amsterdam is over, police said on Tuesday night.

According to Sky News, the gunman who walked into the store was overpowered by police.

Dutch police said several people had managed to leave the building during the hostage incident in Leidseplein.

The situation was declared over just before 10:00 p.m. local time.

"We can confirm that the hostage taker is from the Apple Store. He is lying on the street and with a robot he is being examined for explosives. Police officers control him from a distance with firearms," local police said.

Footage published earlier appeared to show one armed person in the store, apparently holding someone else.

Local broadcaster AT5 suggested the stand-off followed an attempted armed robbery, with witnesses reported hearing shots fired.

Earlier on Tuesday evening, Dutch police said several people were able to leave the Apple store.

It is unknown whether any people were injured during the stand-off.