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Shimon HaTzadik is an Arab Populated neighborhood in East Jerusalem and in it is the burial place of Simeon the Just and his students.

During the 1947–1949 Independence war the Jewish residents of the Shimon Hatzadik neighborhood suffered attacks from Sheikh Jarrah residents. On 7 January 1948, three Jews were murdered, and other people wounded by Arab gangs.[2] On 11 February 1948, the British ordered the residents of the "Shimon Hatzadik" and "Nahalat Shimon" neighborhoods to leave their homes out of concern for their lives.

Now Jews are reclaiming what is rightfully theirs and are returning to dwell in this very hostile neighborhood.

I went to visit the Yushuvayev family in Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood. Last Friday someone tried to burn them with several Molotov cocktails that landed right in their Children's bedroom. Miraculously, they weren’t home that Saturday.

It turns out that human rights and peace-loving organizations of various kinds not only did not go to visit them after the attack and take care of their rights, they are the ones who incite and excite the Arab masses on a regular basis.

I was expecting to meet tough and rough people since it's not easy being a sheep among wolves.
I was surprised.

You are welcome to be surprised too.