Liz and Shachar, with their eldest daughter
Liz and Shachar, with their eldest daughterHillel Yaffe spokesperson

Ten babies were born in less than six hours on 2.22.22 at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, the hospital reported, noting that none of the mothers had chosen the date on purpose.

Liz and Shachar of Hadera, whose firstborn daughter was born overnight, said, "The end date was supposed to be in another three weeks. But apparently it was important to her to be born on a nice date - 2.22.2022. She also missed 2:00a.m. by just six minutes."

The other nine women who gave birth between midnight and 6:00a.m. Tuesday morning also gave birth naturally, and all of the infants were born between one and three weeks early.

Shomali Fatma of Hadera said that her daughter decided to be born in week 36, but added with a smile and thanks to the staff that "what is important is not the date, but that the baby is okay and everything went well."

Meanwhile, at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba, a baby was born at 2:22 a.m. on 2.22.2022. The parents, Kikar Hashabbat reported, "did not plan it."

The couple, Re'ut and Ari Globoff of Kfar Saba, arrived at the hospital overnight, and were met by a midwife who herself had given birth on February 22 just one year earlier.

Re'ut Globoff said, "My due date was February 13, but after midnight passed we already started to joke that the baby was apparently going to wait until two in the morning. At 2:21a.m. Orit the midwife laughed with me and said that I have exactly one minute to catch the exact hour. Our baby's older sister turned two just one month ago, and she is also waiting excitedly to meet the new addition to the family."