Actor Jon Voight visited Hebron and met International spokesman for Hebron Yishai Fleisher. Fleisher and Voight spoke about the film project in Israel and the Abrahamic vision for global peace.

Voight sounded a positive note about the current prospects for the future of global harmony.

“We're calling it the ‘Land of Israel: God's Story", Voight said about his latest film, "and it is G-d’s story so what we want to do is we want to trace the beginnings of it and come here and show of people the places where these events happened and get an insight into the personalities of the patriarchs and all of the the chosen people that have brought us to this time".

When asked by Fleisher about criticism of his being in Hebron, Voight explains that “antisemitism is a problem from the beginning.”

“I was in Russia and it was right after a certain kind of openness, it was in 1991. They asked me, ‘What's the answer to world peace?’ Because they had a burst of freedom they could ask any question. They wanted to ask and they asked me that question, an actor from Hollywood. And I said, ‘When all the nations come to appreciate the Jews there'll be peace on Earth.’ And I thought about it since then and I said, ‘That's exactly the right answer.'”

Voight adds: “The story that we're telling gives us that insight that if we just understand G-d’s trying to reach human human beings and bring them to the glory that he wants for them, to share his glory with them. And every time he made an experiment, they failed. So he found this fellow Abraham and he put his faith in Abraham, tested him out and his progeny was going to be his hope. So he's betting on the Chosen People to be a blessing to all nations, to what G-d told Abraham, to bring us to that time when we can all come and enjoy each other and and find ourselves in joy and peace and love.”

Speaking about Israel, the actor says: “The Jewish people have had their ups and downs but they've done it really. When you come to Israel, you say, ‘ Yes, these extraordinary things that are happening, these people have come back to this land as it was told they would do and and there they answered.’ This energy of G-d – and the more I meet the people who are connected to this energy, they're performing all these wonderful things for us all and there are saints in every religion and those are the guides for all of us. We're coming to a time when we're coming together. I really believe we're coming to that time even though we've been through some really rough times very recently. I think there's peace in sight, something marvellous is happening.”

“The Abraham Accords was a big jump and no one saw that coming and I think we're on our way, and that's what we're doing here,” Voight said.