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In desperation to illustrate that he’s not the same weak-kneed Joe who fled Afghanistan, Biden sends in the clown to stare down Putin.

The message? Kamala Harris is coming, to demand that Putin stop his takeover against Ukraine.

The warning label says that as vice-president she’s the most powerful woman in America. So there!

She’s an “empowered woman” and empowered women…super women…politically… is what we produce here in America.

Well, okay. She’s not demanding. She’s asking. It’s the most Team Biden can do. Getting Europe to stand together as deterrents is all we’ve got …and even that’s no use.

קמלה האריס
קמלה האריס צילום: רויטרס

Because Russia is EU’s company store.

So exactly how does the Biden Administration intend Europe to put up a united front against Putin when it’s Putin who supplies the EU with most of its fuel?

This is the fact. Look it up. “Russia is the largest supplier of the fuel to the countries of the EU, with about 35% of total imports.”

More from sourcing: “All of it arriving via multiple pipelines, many of which cross through Ukraine on their way to countries in central Europe.”

Ukraine – get that?

Ukraine, by the way, still has to answer for its behavior during World War Two. Some other time for the particulars.

But on that score, Putin has outlawed anti-Semitism throughout Russia. He meets regularly with Lubavitch Chasidim. His martial arts training partners have generally been Jews.

Putin wept at the funeral of his Jewish Black Belt master.

So let’s be careful before pointing fingers on what constitutes civility. In our society, at present, it’s unsafe to walk, drive, operate a business, or wait at a subway platform.

Back to the topic at hand…

Trump warned Germany against cutting a deal with Russia known as Nord Stream 2 Pipeline…which places Germany at Russia’s mercy for Germany’s gas.

Trump saw this day coming, a day when there’d be no mercy.

Just like that, and Germany and the rest can be out in the cold…quite literally.

So here we are, America, the world’s number one superpower, with no power except to wag a finger and warn Putin that if he persists, he’ll suffer “unprecedented economic costs.”

That came from a canned speech Kamala delivered in Munich before fellow worry-warts, and where she met up with Ukraine President Zelensky.

She was there to give him a hug, a pep talk, an assurances that she, personally, cares.

What could he be thinking, without saying, when a dingbat VP shows up to save his hide?

A former comedian, Zelensky is sure to see the comedy in all that bedevils himself, his country, and the world. His stand-up might go like this…

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Alexei NikolskyTASS via Getty Images

One: I asked for Kissinger, and Biden sends me Kamala. That’s like getting a pie in the face.

Two: She is the epitome of American confusion, decay, and decline…all in one Progressive package.

Three: A Kamala is what you get for leadership when gender and race take precedence over skill and smarts. Only, or mostly, in America…. land of the cancelled First Amendment.

Four: No thank you, America. Keep your Woke craziness to yourselves.

Five: Woke may work for you, but around the real world it’s shameful.

Six: While you’ve been busy defunding your police, tearing down your monuments and your history, have you noticed how diminished you are to the rest of the world?

No wonder Putin feels free to do as he likes.

Seven: Picture Kamala as the face of all that…and with the cackle for a laugh.

Eight: Is this the same Kamala who was the border czar for the US-Mexico border?

Nine: If she’s as effective for that as she is for this, we’re all headed for hell in a handbasket.

Ten: Is there no leadership of substance left in America?

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