David Amsalem
David Amsalem Eliran Aharon

"I did not exaggerate," MK David Amsalem insisted on Sunday, following his dispute with Supreme Court Justice Esther Hayut.

"Nobody is going to tell me how to speak," Amsalem added, in an interview on Channel 13. "I won't descend to the level of Lapid, who calls people 'dogs' or 'Yigal Amir's playthings.' I won't descend to the level of Liberman who [used disgusting and improper] language."

Amsalem added that he was "very disappointed that Netanyahu called Hayut" to apologize for what Amsalem said. "She heads this organization that is basically a branch of the Meretz party. We're going to reform the judiciary to its core," he added. "If Netanyahu won't help us do that, then: Read my lips - I'll be the first person to condemn this government."

Asked if he had been commissioned by Netanyahu to overhaul the judiciary, Amsalem said, "Netanyahu never sent me on any mission whatsoever. No one tells me what to say and I don't ask him either - nor do I tell him what to say. And he didn't do a thing to overhaul the judicial system, nothing - for 12 years."

Amsalem did concede that he respects the authority of the Supreme Court, "as we have no other. I object to many of the judges who sit on the Court, however. Some of them behave as if the Court were a branch of the Meretz party. I was speaking metaphorically when I said that the judges hand down rulings that are divorced from reality and logic. Gantz wanted to appoint a friend of his to the Court, so I appealed - and I did so at my own expense," he stressed.