Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedPhoto by Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked is considering banning the entry of Amnesty International activists who support BDS into Israel, the Israel Hayom newspaper reports.

Shaked is considering the move in response to the organization's latest report in which it accused Israel a few weeks ago of being an apartheid state in all territories - and not just beyond the Green Line. The report also accuses Israel of committing crimes against humanity.

The authority to ban the entry of the activists in question is in the hands of the Minister, but she is currently conducting internal consultations in her office and the Population Authority, and will later expand the consultation circle to the Foreign Ministry to technically coordinate how to carry out the move and through what mechanisms.

At the same time, Israel has allowed extremist BDS operatives, some of whom are allegedly involved in attacking settlers, to enter the country. The approval was given even though the DMU organization allegedly submitted to the Foreign and Internal Affairs Ministries alleged evidence of the activists' violations of the boycott law, BDS activities and links to terrorist organizations. The DMU organization documents and monitors violations of the law by foreign, Israeli and Palestinian Arab activists working against the State of Israel.

DMU says that the approval was granted to a delegation of 50 AFPS members, an organization which promotes the BDS movement in France and which has already been placed by the Strategic Affairs Ministry on the blacklist of terrorist activity funders. In October 2019, the organization's president Bertrand Heilbronn and his deputy Ann Toulon allegedly participated in an attack on Tzuriel Lilintel and his family at a farm in the Jordan Valley.

The Interior Ministry forwarded the question of their entry to the Foreign Ministry for consultation, and from there it was reported that the members of the delegation did not meet the criteria for entry refusal.

The Interior Minister's Office said that "in order to prevent the recurrence of such cases, the Minister intends to promote a work plan that will prevent the entry of boycott supporters into Israel. As part of the plan, a mechanism will be established to determine who meets the definition of a boycott supporter, who is prohibited from entering under the Entry into Israel Law - and his entry will not be allowed. The decision will be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and if there are specific objections or special justifications to allow them in regardless, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be asked to submit its arguments on the matter and we will examine them."

The DMU organization stated: "AFPS is the main BDS organization in France, which also transfers funds to terrorist organizations. The State of Israel has already stated that the organization is not allowed to enter Israel. Despite this, a red carpet was laid out in front of a delegation from the organization and it entered the country easily."