Rabbi Bergman addressing students
Rabbi Bergman addressing studentsShuki Lehrer

Rabbi Meir Tzvi Bergman, a member of the Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah of Degel HaTorah, an organization of rabbis representing the Lithuanian-haredi community, has sharply criticized Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman for his proposed cuts to benefits and general economic plans.

While visiting the Ayelet Hashachar boys’ elementary school in Kiryat Herzog, Rabbi Bergman blasted Liberman for his reforms that will severely impact haredi families, and called on the students to enhance their Torah learning.

“The very basis of existence of the Jewish People are our children who learn the holy Torah,” Rabbi Bergman said. “Even Haman in his day said at first that he would initially focus his attacks on the children.” (Haman, who was the vizier to the Persian King during the era of the Persian Empire, attempted a genocide against the Jewish People. His downfall is marked on the festival of Purim.)

Rabbi Bergman added that, “In every generation, they rise up against us – including the Erev Rav [those who call themselves Jews but are not a genuine part of the Jewish People -ed.]. They attack the holy Torah and everything else we hold dear. We have to strengthen ourselves and stand firm and show the world that we will not be moved.”

In conclusion, Rabbi Bergman stressed that, “With G-d’s help, G-d will have mercy on the Jewish People and remove all evil from the world and swiftly bring the Redemption.”