Hospital (illustration)
Hospital (illustration)Flash 90

Israel's healthcare system is now dealing with the neurological side effects of the Omicron wave of COVID-19 - and these side effects seem to be more significant than in previous waves, Yediot Aharonot reported.

The Health Ministry is examining the scope of the neurological issues reported among those recovered from Omicron, but hospitals are reporting that many of those recovered are experiencing these issues. This is especially true for women, who are experiencing loss of consciousness, migraines, and muscle aches, and the complaints are most common among younger women who experienced only mild illness.

Dr. Dror Dicker, Director of Department of Internal Medicine D Corona at Hasharon Hospital, said: "Lately we are seeing that many who recovered [from COVID-19] are suffering extreme weakness or even difficulty with daily functioning, loss of consciousness, severe headaches, muscle aches, and weakness."

"From what we see, among those hospitalized for these issues, there are more women in total."

Dr. Salo Haratz, head of the Neurology Department at Assuta Ashdod Medical Center, said: "We see it more among women, who are developing symptoms of migraine-like headaches. It seems simple but it severely harms the quality of life."

"This is alongside a subgroup of women who are pregnant or postpartum, for whom these symptoms are more severe and who experience convulsions and loss of consciousness, and even a comatose state. We are talking about dozens of women, and most of them recover. Neurologists' awareness of these effects is growing, and today we know to identify them and better search for them."