The defense establishment is preparing for the possibility of a drone attack from Iran and believes that Iran will continue its attempts to carry out such an attack, Kan 11 News reported on Wednesday.

The defense establishment says that two UAVs launched from Iran were shot down in Iraq on Tuesday, and there are fears that they were intended to explode in Israeli territory. The report comes amid claims by Iranian elements that Israel is helping American forces to attack the Houthi rebels and terrorist organizations affiliated with Iran.

Earlier this month, Israel allowed a US military officer to participate as an observer in an Air Force exercise that simulated an attack on "long-term" targets, including in Iran. The operational and classified drill was conducted about two weeks ago with dozens of aircraft, and came as the nuclear talks in Vienna resumed.

The day before the drill, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced that within about a year, the IDF would launch a laser interception system that he said would "allow Israel to be surrounded by a wall."

Bennett explained at a conference of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University that the system will be operated initially in the south, and later will be expanded to other places in the country.

"This will allow us, in the medium to long term, to surround Israel with a laser wall that will protect us from missiles, rockets, UAVs and other threats - and in fact take from the enemy the strongest weapon it has against us," he said.