Daycare center (illustrative)
Daycare center (illustrative)iStock

New details have emerged regarding suspicions of abuse which took place in the "Haluli Shel Orli" daycare in the central city of Petah Tikva, Maariv reported.

Israel Police believe that daycare director Orli Davidovich and her daughter Danielle Leibovich committed a list of serious crimes, abusing the helpless children left in their daycare.

Footage presented previously to the court showed Davidovich herself as responsible for a number of violent incidents.

Maariv discovered that on Tuesday, investigators continued watching the footage, which included a scene in which Leibovich passed beside a sleeping infant and beat his body while he slept, for no apparent reason. In other incidents, the directors poured food on the floor and demanded the children in the daycare eat the food off the floor as if they were animals.

Also on Tuesday, one of the daycare's assistants was called to the police station after being identified from the footage as a witness to some of the incidents, so that she could help fill in details regarding previous periods which were not recorded on the camera due to its memory limits.

The mother of one of the children in the daycare told Maariv, "For 40 minutes, the child lay on the floor without moving, and none of the daycare staff approached him. All this while the other children were forced against their will to watch what was happening - and they were the only ones who approached and comforted the hurt child, who was crying bitterly."