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Police in U.S. President Joe Biden’s home town of Wilmington, Delaware are investigating a series of swastikas found in various locations around the city, with the vandalism believed to have been committed on Friday.

According to local media reports, multiple locations across Wilmington were vandalized with swastikas, including a restaurant, a billboard and a community services center.

Wilmington’s Criminal Investigations Division is looking into the incidents, CBS News reported.

Police said that they think the locations were all defaced on Friday night.

The swastikas were found on Brandywine Counseling and Community Services, the Columbus Inn restaurant, and a billboard on Union Street.

Some of the swastikas’ arms were drawn backwards, including the one that was spray painted on the driveway sign of the Columbus Inn.

The large red swastika was visible to drivers going by the restaurant until an employee and a police officer taped a garbage bag over it on Saturday morning, the Delaware News Journal reported.

Another similar swastika was spray painted nearby on Union Street. An anti-police message in the same red paint was found on a billboard for the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union.

The swastikas found at the Brandywine Counseling and Community Services were on the side of the building and the front entrance.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, swastikas with backwards arms are generally the work of young people spraying “shock graffiti” rather than the work of a neo-Nazi. But police have so far not made any arrests in the case.