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The intelligence unit of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Tuesday announced that it uncovered a Hamas terror cell attempting to enlist Filipinos to carry out terror activities against both Westerners and Middle Easterners, Philstar reported.

Philstar quoted a report by Police Brig. Gen. Neil Alinsangan, PNP Intelligence Group director, who said that the conspiracy was uncovered from information disclosed by a local contact of Hamas, and that the plots were meant to "establish a foothold" in the country by inciting violence targeting Israelis in the country.

The report was sent to Police Maj. Gen. Michael John Dubria, PNP director for intelligence, PNP's public information office said in a statement sent to media.

Alinsangan explained: "Our Filipino source identified the Hamas operative as 'Bashir' who was reportedly attempting to establish a foothold in the Philippines with pledges of financial support to some local threat groups including militant extremists with links to the international terrorist organizations."

"This is a stern warning to all terroristic groups who plan to conduct recruitment and similar activities in the country, we have a way to know you and you cannot do your plans here."

The PNP intelligence report also noted that the source made several trips to Malaysia between 2016-2018, meeting with Fares Al Shikli to discuss carrying out attacks against Israelis in exchange for money from Hamas.

Shai Glick, CEO of Btsalmo, said, "Terror is raising its head. The countries in the world have an obligation to act with an iron hand against terror, without compromise. Anyone who gives in to terror in one place - it will raise its head immediately in another place. The battle against terror is a global battle, and we must act as one against it."