Refugees flee war in Ukraine
Refugees flee war in UkraineISTOCK

Readers around the world have followed the story of a group of Ukrainian Jewish refugees led by Rabbi Peretz Krohn. The group are mostly from the city of Uman. With bombs destroying their home town, they made their way to the other side of the Hungarian border. Their lives were threatened every step of the way.

The families are now sleeping on mats on the floors of refugee housing in Hungary. They have escaped certain death, but now have no money and no belongings. Rabbi Krohn and other volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide them with toiletries and food, thanks to help from donors abroad. More refugees have continued to flood into their camp and they do not know how many more are coming.

At the end of the previous week, the camp found themselves with a serious dilemma. They had received some shipments of supplies to cook for Shabbat but had no idea if they would have enough to feed everyone. Inspiring footage circulating on Whatsapp showed cooking staff up late in the kitchen, preparing challah. In the end, they experienced what some are describing as a miracle:

“What hashgacha (Divine providence),” said one volunteer. “The last portion went to the last person. Somehow, there was exactly enough. Yishtabach shemo.”

There having been exactly enough food is a strange and stunning detail, given the size of the crowd. In stories of wars throughout history, the Jews have experienced many such “coincidences.” The refugees are extremely grateful to those who donated via The Chesed Fund to feed them.

Donations are being urgently collected to replenish the refugee’s camps, as well as providing the babies present with necessities like diapers and formula. Readers can donate here.