Quantum technology
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Quantum computational ability will lay the technological foundation for an Israeli ecosystem that will lead future developments in security, economics, technology, engineering and science.

The investment in the quantum computer will be directed towards two parallel and complementary tracks: the Israel Innovation Authority will focus on building and developing a quantum computational infrastructure for running calculations directly or via cloud access, mainly for optimization purposes, or to improve different elements in quantum computing. The infrastructure will facilitate the assessment of existing algorithms and will be available for implementing research and development in all layers of software and hardware but will not include (Fabless) production facilities. Initially, for the purposes of establishing and operating the infrastructure, there may be partial usage of overseas technology. Going forward, the infrastructure will be integrated with Israeli-developed quantum processors and technologies.

The IMOD DDR&D will establish a national center with quantum capabilities that will be at the center of an Israeli ecosystem that will establish local capabilities. The center will collaborate with academia, the industry, and with all the National Research and Development Infrastructure (TELEM) entities and will deal with of the numerous layers in developing a quantum processor, including hardware, control, optimization, algorithmics and interfacing aspects, and more. This is with the goal of developing a complete quantum computer.

Quantum computer, unlike a classic computer, is based on advanced processing system that builds of quantum mechanical phenomenon and enables simultaneous processing of a vast number of calculations. Quantum computing significantly reduces calculation time frame and therefore constitute a significant leap in computational capabilities.

Israel Innovation Authority CEO, Dror Bin: “Quantum computing is a technology Israeli industry cannot ignore. The industry must develop knowledge and access to infrastructure in which it can develop growth engines for activities in which it will decide to lead.”

Dr. Danny Gold, Head of IMOD DDR&D: “Quantum computing, on all levels, is showing signs of being an important future component of the state’s security and its technological superiority. Starting this process in the framework of the national program constitutes a significant step towards achieving Israeli independence in this area.”