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A British couple has accused an airline of negligence, after they say they were flown to the wrong country.

Simon Forster and Emma Schofield have demanded that the Ryanair airline formally apologize and cover expenses incurred during their trip, after the couple bought tickets to Denmark, but ended up hundreds of miles away, in France.

The incident occurred last December 17th, as the couple were scheduled to take a vacation in Copenhagen.

But things didn’t quite go as planned for Forster and Schofield, who found themselves held up by “horrendous” lines during pre-Christmas travel at Manchester Airport.

The two told The Manchester Evening News that they had to sprint to the gate after clearing security.

Upon their arrival at the gate, the couple approached Ryanair staff members, who, the couple say, checked their passports and boarding passes to ensure that they boarded the correct flight.

Forster and Schofield were ushered down a flight of stairs and boarded the only plane waiting on the tarmac, prepared for passengers to board.

When the couple tried to show their boarding passes to members of the flight crew, they were reportedly told “Don’t worry about it,” and asked to quickly take their seats.

While the couple were relieved to catch their flight, they later found their problems had just begun, when they were greeted upon their arrival in Beauvais, France with a “bonjour” at passport control.

“The shock of landing somewhere near Paris when you’re supposed to be going to Copenhagen was ridiculous," said Forster. “I would like to understand how on earth this happened."

Forced to find accommodations in Paris, an hour drive from Beauvais, the couple say they spent some 930 pounds on hotels and taxis.

The couple is now demanding Ryanair compensate them for their holiday expenses in Paris, and reimburse them for their tickets to Copenhagen.