The offending advertisement
The offending advertisementScreenshot

The extreme left-wing organization “Breaking the Silence” has placed an advertisement in the IsraelHayom newspaper, calling on IDF soldiers serving in Judea and Samaria to prevent “settlers” from committing acts of violence.

“Dear Soldier, it is within your power to stop settler violence,” the ad reads, alongside an excerpt from IDF regulations. Throughout Sunday, activists from the left-wing organization are stationing themselves at major transportation hubs for soldiers, handing out a pamphlet with supposed legal arguments demonstrating that soldiers do in fact have such authority.

The Israel Hayom newspaper is widely seen as being on the right of the political spectrum, and the publishing of the advertisement aroused a good deal of criticism on social media.

Israel Hayom has gotten greedy for bribes and lost the plot, as we saw with its support Bennett of Shaked – what a pity,” wrote Shimon Riklin of Channel 14.

The Torat Lehima organization commented: “Can anyone explain why Israel Hayom has published something like this? Will the IDF spokesperson respond to these orders being issued to soldiers by the extreme left-wing Breaking the Silence?”

However, an alternative theory was proposed by several readers, who suggested that Breaking the Silence was simply trolling. “Sorry, but I’m not getting worked up at this ad,” wrote one person. “Just as right-wing organizations enjoy trolling the Left and posting ads in Haaretz, Breaking the Silence is trolling in Israel Hayom. And by the way, all they’re trying to do is get on right-wing nerves – so it would be a shame to give them the pleasure.”

Approached for comment, Israel Hayom said in a statement, “The advertisement was placed in accordance with legal requirements regarding the publication of advertisements.”