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About 10 months ago, on April 23, 2021, I published an opinion piece, entitled, Elect an American Democrat President, get a World War. Today we stand on a precipice of a catastrophic world war that never ever should have happened. In fact, just the opposite, Russia ad Putin should have been our strategic allies against China, Islamism, and wokism.

Nevertheless, the Biden Regime, a regime elected to “bring harmony and peace” has only shattered domestic as well as international peace to a point of incendiary irreconcilable hatred. This article explores the international chaos and death that is visited on the world when America elects a democrat as president.

America elected the Democrat President Woodrow Wilson; America got World War I.

America elected the Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt; America got World War II.

America elected the Democrat President Harry Truman; America got the Korean War.

America elected the Democrat Presidents Kennedy and Lydon Johnson; America got the Vietnam War

(The Kuwait War was caused by a US Diplomat Arabist named April Glaspie so we’ll give Bush #1 a pass.)

America elected the Democrat President Bill Clinton (who blithely watched al Qaeda raze two American embassies in Africa with bombs); and got the 9/11 Wars (mismanaged by Republican President Bush who watched GIs get blown to pieces by Iranian IEDs and did nothing.).

Now, America has the Democrat President Joe Biden; America is going to get a new Crimean War, which will be the stupidest there ever was

Firstly, let’s call a “Nazi a Nazi.” The western Ukrainians are Jew-hating Nazis who fought with Hitler in World War II, and gleefully joined the Nazi Einsatzgruppen to genocidally murder about one million Jews in the Ukrainian Pale.

Don’t believe me? How about the left-leaning National Geographic that reported that a number of Ukrainians had collaborated: According to German historian Dieter Pohl , around 100,000[Ukrainians] joined police units that provided key assistance to the Nazis. Many others staffed the local bureaucracies or lent a helping hand during mass shootings of Jews. Ukrainians, such as the infamous Ivan the Terribleof Treblinka, were also among the guards who manned the German Nazi death camps.

Remember the name “Babi Yar”? Those gruesome murders were brought to you by the very same Jew-hating parents and grandparents of the Jew-hating Ukrainians President Biden is so worried about today.

Second, the First Crimean War was the most strange war in the history of the World. Great Britain and France came in to protect the Islamic Ottoman Empire (today’s Islamist Caliphate of Turkey) from the Christian Russian Empire. Somehow, Great Britain didn’t want Russia to have strategic access to the Mediterranean Sea, and France wanted Western Catholics to be superior to Eastern Orthodox in the Holy Lands, now Israel. So, instead of liberating Christian lands that were under the Islamic yoke of the Turks, the English and British succeeded in keeping eastern European Christianity under Islamic rule.

Tzar Nicholas I saw himself, correctly, as a liberator of Orthodox Christians, who were under Turkish/Ottoman control and who were treated as second class citizens forced to pay dhimmi tax as non-Muslims. The Christian countries of Great Britain and France fought against Russia to enable continued Ottoman oppression of Christians.

And similarly, today, instead of having a unified North/South Christian bloc running from Russia in the North to Greece in the south protecting Western Europe from a billion Muslims, we have nothing but Israel between a billion Muslims and the soft under-belly of NATO Europe.

Third, even though Stalin had murdered millions of his own citizens, and invaded Poland along with Hitler in 1939, US President Roosevelt and UK prime Minister Churchill never called Stalin a “killer” in a newspaper interview. And, if a journalist was stupid enough to ask the question in the first place, both leaders would have ejected him from their presence. Because Stalin, while he certainly was a “killer,” was still a necessary ally in the West’s war on Hitler no matter how many people he killed.

Compared to Stalin, Putin is an angelic choir-boy. Nevertheless, US President Biden was easily led by the nose by an interviewer asking if “Putin was a killer,” and answered “Yes”. Some “experts” have claimed “Putin was insulted.” Putin wasn’t insulted. Instead, Putin saw and sees a hopelessly weak Biden losing total control of the interview, and being played for an idiot by a two-bit journalist. Putin correctly saw Biden’s “killer” insult, not as a personal insult, but as inveterate weakness to be exploited, and attacked.

Fourth, President Biden and the Democrat Party need beat the drums of “Russia, Russia, Russia” to obscure the real enemy, China, who is paying them and corporate America off, and false-flag Russia as the only American enemy when America’s real enemy is China.

Russia didn’t release the Wuhan Virus aka Covid-19 into the United States; China did. Russia isn’t threatening to economically bulldoze America. Russia doesn’t even have the GDP of California. Any objective view of the Russia/China issue would result in America allying itself with Russia against China.

Finally, Eastern Ukraine is as Russian to Russia as Texas is American to America. All of Eastern Ukraine speaks Russian and is mostly ethnic Russian. Why is America worrying about Russia, our World War II ally, controlling a part of the Eastern Ukraine that speaks Russian and whose people are ethnically Russian?

Eastern Ukraine is not worth one single American soldier’s life. Why is the fading empire of Great Britain sending warships into the Black Sea to ignite a world war which Biden can tumble into? Haven’t we learned anything from the Vietnam War when the fading empire of France sniggered America into the Vietnam conflict.

In conclusion, America has zero strategic or tactical interest in defending the Nazi-loving Western Ukrainians from the Russians who are defending ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine. Zero interest, nada, nothing. Quite the opposite, Eastern Ukraine is a core strategic interest of Russia. If America were to insert itself into the core sphere of Russia on Russia’s borders, Russia would see this as an attack on Russia itself and act swiftly, brutally, and decisively to America’s catastrophic defeat.

America must stay out of a Crimean War Let Great Britain fight and lose this stupid reprise of its first Crimean War by itself.

But, unfortunately,, just as Biden was led to call Russian President Putin, a “killer;” Biden will likely be led into a catastrophic American defeat in the Eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, Israelis and Americans have been called home and Israel will likely have to begin dangerous emergency evacuations of UkrainianJews.

Mark Langfan is Chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at