Minister Yoaz Hendel
Minister Yoaz Hendel Haim Toito

The ISA has decided to increase the level of security for Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel and will be providing him with a twenty-four-hour security detail.

Hendel, of the New Hope party, has been the target of rapidly increasing threats recently, including from right-wing protestors and other opponents of the government.

Communications Ministers are usually not surrounded by security guards, but in the current government, there are some ministers who have received degrees of threat warranting unusual concern. Religious Services Minister Matan Kahana has also been provided a round0the-clock detail.

About two weeks ago, a senior ISA official arrived at Foreign Minister Yair Lapid's house to reiterate security protocols after the Foreign Minister slipped away from his detail, claiming he was in a rush to vote in the Knesset.