Yoseph Haddad
Yoseph Haddad Arutz Sheva

Yoseph Haddad, an Arab-Israeli propaganda activist and disabled IDF veteran from the Second Lebanon War, has drawn criticism from far-left organizations and pro-Palestinian groups seeking to block his online advocacy for Israel.

Video hosting giant YouTube announced to Haddad today (Friday) that it would restrict viewers under the age of 18 from viewing his content. "After reviewing your content we have determined that it is not suitable for viewers under the age of 18, in accordance with our Community Guidelines," YouTube said.

Haddad has not given up on his cause, and intends to fight the decision. "A war is being waged against me online by all kinds of haters of Israel," he said. "They have been able to block and remove my Instagram account several times in the past. Now, because of reports against my YouTube videos, they have decided to restrict viewing to those aged 18 and over, as if it is dangerous for young people in the world to watch evidence that Israel is not apartheid, but that won't stop me," he promises.

About three weeks ago, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Haddad led a "memorial in your living room" event for participants from the Arab world. The event was watched by one hundred and fifty people from all over the Arab world, including representatives of Israel's Arab society.

The event has taken place for four years now, but this is only the second year that the event was attended by participants from Arab countries, including Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, in addition to Dubai, Bahrain, and other countries.

"We received messages during the ceremony that people are sending wishes for peace and greetings from Lebanon and asking us to continue this work. People from Syria talked about the importance of the event. There is a great thirst to understand what happened in the Holocaust," Haddad told Arutz Sheva.

"There is a lack of information and a serious problem of ignorance regarding this issue - not by the fault of the people but the fault of those countries that want to minimize this event and deny it. This event happened to the Jewish people, and we must remember that it happened to the Jewish people, and learn from it to ensure that it never happens again to any nation."