Site of Iranian scientist's death
Site of Iranian scientist's death Reuters

industrialist Yair Geller was the target of an unsuccessful Iranian assassination attempt that was supposed to be carried out in retaliation for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in 2020.

In a conversation with Channel 12 News, Geller said he understood that he was being followed "four months ago. The story is over, and I am forbidden from talking about it. The publicity is not doing me any good, because I will be a more wanted target. That's the situation, more or less."

"I sat down with all those involved and thought. I have no idea. I'm a simple developer of computerized robotic systems. I have excellent workers, 80 of them scientists. I'm not a businessman, I'm an industrialist with a company of 110 people. We develop computerized, robotic production lines with considerable success in Turkey and export from there."

Geller criticized recent events in Israel, saying "We have no leadership or direction. It's a terrible feeling. The fact that there are Hilltop Youth is a terrible thing. The fact that they can take a 90-year-old Arab man and throw him away and bury him is a terrible thing, all because of wars of ego and conquest."

"The scariest thing is what is happening in our country, in Israel. I mean every word I say. I'm more frightened of the possibility of Israel becoming undemocratic than I am of the Iranians."