Mufti Amin al Husseini und Adolf Hitler
Mufti Amin al Husseini und Adolf HitlerBundesarchiv, Bild 146-1987-004-09A / Heinrich Hoffmann / CC-BY-SA

Shmuel Katz wrote an important article on Arutz Sheva recently called Anti-Semitism today and Yad VaShem's changing approach, about the importance of vigilance concerning various forms of antisemitism that strive to hurt Jews today.

He correctly pointed out that there are three main sources of antisemitism today:

-Extreme Rightists

-Extreme Leftists


He pointed out that it is the responsibility of bodies such as Yad Vashem to expose not just the history of antisemitism but its current dangerous forms.

He went on to praise Mr. Danny Dayan, the new chairman of Yad Vashem as "a man of vision" who understands this responsibility.

Mr. Katz may not be aware of one thing that has been happening at Yad Vashem concerning that responsibility

It's actually all about Yad Vashem not doing what Mr. Katz insists needs to be done to fight today's antisemitism.

I am referring to the famous Husseini-Hitler photo that Yad Vashem refuses to return to its exhibits after it was removed, perhaps for political reasons (if there are other reasons we would be pleased if Mr. Dayan would share them with us)

Rather than expose the Islamist antisemitism during the Holocaust that swept the Arab world and was led by Husseini, Yad Vashem is hiding it. Husseini is a hero and inspiration to the Islamist anti-Israel - anti-Jewish assault today, but Yad Vashem has hidden the story that was once displayed on its walls.

In place of the large and prominent Hitler-Husseini photo there is only a very small one in a dark corner that the public does not see, of Himmler, who the general public does not recognize, with Husseini. Hitler is not connected with Husseini in Yad Vashem.

I had a meeting with Mr. Dayan and asked him to return the photograph to the wall it had been on for years.. He was adamantly against doing so. He told me, that when I become chairman of Yad Vashem, I can decide and that as long as he is in charge the photo will not be returned,

He accused me of having a political agenda and not an interest in history.

Which agenda is it that removed the once prominent Hitler-Husseini photo?

Which history is being preserved and why?

Mr. Katz, Yad Vashem does not seem to be doing what you think they are and should be doing.

I suggest you go there yourself and see if you can find the replacement photo with Himmler.

I, a veteran tour guide, had to make four rounds before I found it hidden in a dark corner.

I volunteer to help you find it.

When I asked Yad Vashem's official museum guides about the photo, most did not know what I was referring to. Some said it's "political" and they don't discuss it. Some chose to ignore my question.

Now that you are aware of the facts, another timely article by you about the need to expose the Islamist anti-Semitic threats today, a continuation of the Moslem leadership's proven connection to the Nazis in WWII, would be interesting and significant, I am sure.

Arafat and the current PA president, Mahmooud Abbas praised Husseini as the "father of the Palestinian people"

Why would Yad Vashem want this information minimized, deleted from history or deiminished from our consciousness - especially for those living in Israel?

It's worth looking into, isn't it?.