MeretzHezki Baruch

Knesset members ministers from the Meretz party on Thursday wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, the Alternate Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance following the plan to reduce the cost of living that was presented on Wednesday.

In the letter, the Meretz members wrote that the measures presented are not enough, and entire populations are excluded from the plan - especially the most vulnerable.

The letter presents a series of measures that Meretz proposes that the government adopt, including: Raising the minimum wage, ensuring benefits automatically, increasing labor grants, subsidizing early childhood education, lowering VAT and increasing public housing inventory.

In addition, in light of the positive debt-to-GDP ratio, the Meretz members wrote that action should be taken to increase public expenditure and to consider taxation of owners of three or more apartments, taxation of capital gains and inheritance taxes.

"Dealing with the cost of living requires, first and foremost, to think of the weakest sectors first, and provide them with benefits," the letter reads.