Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah estimates that Israel will not attack Iran's nuclear facilities, even if Iran exceeds the threshold for the production of nuclear weapons.

In an interview with an Iranian television network, Nasrallah said: "If Iran is attacked, it will respond directly and its allies will also respond. Therefore, I do not believe that Israel will attack Iran."

According to him, no one will stand by Israel if it attacks Iran, not even the United States,

He also estimated that an agreement would eventually be signed between Iran and the Western powers. "If there is an agreement it will go in a certain direction, without an agreement there will be sanctions. The United States' threats on Iran are meant to scare Iran. Any war with Iran will drag the region into it and it is against America's interest."

Nasrallah also referred to the situation on the Israel-Lebanon border and said his organization was not concerned about the situation. "We are exercising our air defense against the use of UAVs by the Israeli army. We are not on the road to war, but if there is one, we have no fear of it and we have our own surprises in case an attack opens on us."