Pretoria‎, South Africa
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South African twin brothers pleaded guilty on Monday to multiple terrorist charges, including attempting to join ISIS and planning terrorist attacks against Jewish targets.

The 28-year old Thulsie twins’ guilty plea comes nearly six years after they were arrested and imprisoned on terror-related charges, the Daily Maverick reported.

Under terms of a plea bargain, the twins pleaded guilty to attempting to leave South Africa to join ISIS in Syria. Tony-Lee Thulsie additionally pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit terrorist attacks against embassies and Jewish interests inside South Africa.

Tony-Lee Thulsie received an 11-year prison sentence and Brandon-Lee Thulsie received an eight year sentence. Because the twins have already been in jail for six years, they will only serve an additional five and two years behind bars.

Under the terms of the plea bargain, the twins pleaded guilty to twice attempting to leave South Africa for Syria to join ISIS in 2015. In both instances, they were stopped by law enforcement based on prior evidence. They also pleaded guilty to downloading ISIS documents featuring instructions on making bombs and obtaining weapons.

Tony-Lee also pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit a terror attack in South Africa, based on allegations that he had been in communication with someone outside of South African connected to ISIS and had asked for information on how to built an explosive device, saying he had chosen targets and planned to be a suicide bomber.

The state said they had evidence that he was plotting to target US, UK, Russian or French embassies and staff in Pretoria, foreign interests at airports, and also to attack Jewish events or conferences.

According to The Citizen, prosecutor Adele Barnard said that the plea agreement had been reached due to the fact that the attacks had not been carried out and that the twins were not found to be in possession of explosive material or detonators.