Rabbi Chaim Druckman
Rabbi Chaim DruckmanAvi Dishi/Flash90

Rabbi Chaim Druckman, one of the leading rabbis of religious Zionism believes that there should not be a boycott of Magen David Adom's blood drives over the current wording of the organization's forms

"There is nothing wrong with the forms today," Rabbi Druckman says in a conversation with Israel National News. "Nothing negative was written in today's form. I do not think we should come and say if you do not write as it was once we will not donate blood. I do not dictate to another person what items he asks about and what he needs to know about the blood donation."

"Today there is nothing negative on the form," he stresses. "Nothing bad is written on the form. True, it does not say 'mother and father' and nothing is written about parents. You cannot come and say you must write 'mother and father.' They will say we do not need this item. So what, you have to write it because you want it to be written? So we will not donate blood to the needy? It sounds a little delusional to me. What is the connection?"

Rabbi Druckman adds: "I do not see the connection. I understand that when it says 'parent 1' 'parent 2' instead of 'mother and father' it is upsetting, it is a problem. But if neither is written there is no problem. Therefore we avoid donating blood to the needy?"

Many blood donors had decided to boycott Magen David Adom's blood drives after the organization changed the forms to say 'parent 1 and parent 2' instead of 'mother and father. The boycotts continued after the MDA changed the forms again to remove all references to parents. Activists continue to demand that the forms be restored to their original wording.