NetanyahuShulo Shalom/TPS

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu sharply attacked the government at the beginning of the Likud faction meeting Monday.

"We are in the midst of many upheavals and in days we will know what their effect is. One of them is visible to all and that is the spread of the corona plague. We ended the previous government tenure with zero dead, zero seriously ill, almost zero verified cases. In a little over half a year, after being ranked fifth in the world in success in fighting the coronavirus, we have gone to first in the world in mortality per capita. It happened because this government did nothing. 3,000 died here in three months, while he had vaccines," Netanyahu said.

He added, "Bennett said, 'Our people are dying.' And now we have 3,000 dead quickly, at an increasing rate, with this government doing nothing to save lives. 1,000 of these dead were recorded when there was already the third vaccine we bought and ordered and we just asked them to send a plane and bring them. They did not close the country to the entry of variants, did not prevent gatherings. There was no need to go to a lockdown, but for simple steps. They did not strongly encourage the third and fourth vaccines. As a result, many people died."

Bennett wrote a book 'How to defeat an epidemic', today Bennett has to write a book 'How to succumb to an epidemic'. They 'contain the dead'. They are responsible for the fact that there are so many dead, that there are almost 300 people on ventilators, something that did not happen in our time, and more than 1,200 seriously ill. We did not reach such numbers, and this is what happens when there are vaccines and there is no government. There are patients and there is no government," Netanyahu said.