Gali Baharav-Miara
Gali Baharav-Miaraצילום: תומר יעקובסון

The Israeli Cabinet on Monday approved the appointment of attorney Gali Baharav-Miara as Attorney General.

"The public committee chaired by former Supreme Court President Asher Grunis submitted three names to the Cabinet, at the request of the Justice Minister," said Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the special Cabinet meeting.

"The Justice Minister and I will recommend that the Cabinet choose attorney Gali Baharav-Miara. This is one of the most important and sensitive appointments in the public service, and at this time, given the erosion of public confidence in law enforcement, there is an important opportunity here to maintain what needs to be maintained and to correct what needs to be corrected."

"We need a good, strong and serious establishment that the public will trust. Moreover, the basic role of the attorney general is to assist the government in implementing its policy in the framework of the confines of the law. The government is here to govern, to function, to work for the benefit of the citizens of the state and to take the country forward."

"Here, I would also like to point out that upon the approval of the government, for the first time, the State of Israel will – with G-d's help – have a female attorney general. Our government sees all citizens of Israel, women and men, as being able to achieve anything."

Turning to the Pegasus affair, Bennett called for an "in-depth and quick" inquiry into the matter

"The reports apparently describe a very grave situation that is unacceptable in a democracy. These cyber tools were designed to fight terrorism and serious crime, not be used against citizens. We will see to a transparent, in-depth and quick inquiry because all of us – citizens of the State of Israel, government ministers and all establishments – deserve answers."