Nachman Shai
Nachman Shaiצילום: עדי גפן/TPS

Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai (Labor) called for full state investigation into allegations of police monitoring operations against Israelis without warrants.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, Shai said that Monday morning's report by Calcalist, alleging that police targeted numerous public figures, businessmen, government officials, and social activists with the Pegasus spyware, was grounds for a full state inquiry to probe the police department's use of the controversial hacking software.

"I demand the immediate establishment of a state committee of inquiry into the police’s use of the Pegasus spyware program. In a country that observes the rule of law, the police cannot be a law unto themselves."

"The right to privacy is a critical value in a democracy and the government of Israel must do everything to uphold it."

"The police have no right to monitor private citizens, business owners, government officials and anyone else unless they have the received the necessary legal approval for such measures. Only a state committee of inquiry will be able to uncover the truth regarding the police’s use of spyware technology that has apparently carried on for years.|