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As a pro-free market conservative, observing wokeness run amok in corporate boards is one of the most disheartening developments of recent times. During decades, ordinary American families have worked long hours and voted in ways that made America great for business. Corporate America is repaying its debt to these families with scorn and disdain towards the values dearest to them.

We are witness to this quarter after quarter, when America’s wealthiest corporations lavish funds on organizations promoting critical race theory, identity politics and woke censorship that will dismantle America as we knew her.

In other countries, ordinary people have little respite from the power and pride of the powerful. Thank goodness, America is a free capitalist society. It is capitalism and freedom that can repair the damage woke corporations are inflicting on America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

What we urgently need are enterprising conservatives to set up a marketplace inspired by Amazon or eBay, but without the woke sympathies of Jeff Bezos or Pierre Omidyar, thus allowing conservative consumers to purchase products and services from suppliers sponsoring traditional Judeo-Christian values.

In other words, we need a marketplace that welcomes companies that, for example, vow not to subsidize race-baiting organizations like BLM or ones that literally justify infanticide like Planned Parenthood does, so that Americans’ hard-earned dollars do not undermine their most cherished values.

Such a marketplace is sound on business, ethical and political grounds.

From a business perspective, tens of millions of conservative families would prefer to buy from companies that endorse their values instead of companies that undermine them. In addition, such a marketplace would allow thousands of small- and medium-sized companies to showcase their products and services, giving a boost to suppliers that more often produce in America and employ American workers.

From an ethical perspective, such a marketplace would allow observant Jews and religious Christians to spend money in harmony with their values. As long as we buy from woke companies that support Amnesty International, the Southern Poverty Law Center and JVP we are complicit in furthering an agenda that threatens our way of life and corrupts the society our children are raised in.

On political grounds, a conservative marketplace competing with Amazon and eBay will mobilize the economic power of conservative America and drain the swamp of corporate wokeness that profits from the liberal cartel of mainstream media, publishing houses and elite academic institutions.

It might be argued that such a marketplace will exacerbate existing fractures within American society. In truth, given the hegemonic position of Amazon and eBay in online retail, a conservative alternative would introduce healthy competition.

Secondly, it might be argued that successfully challenging Amazon and eBay is chimeric. However, it would suffice for this marketplace to pay conservative media outlets for advertisement slots with stock options in order for prohibitive marketing costs to sink substantially.

Given that liberal outlets such as MSNBC, the Huffington Post and the New York Times are bound to go berserk as soon a new retail player vows to defenestrate corporate wokeness, we can also look forward to this new marketplace receiving tons of free publicity… and therefore, to soon be able to buy from suppliers who share and promote our values.

Rafael Castro is an Italian-Colombian high school teacher in Berlin, Germany who holds degrees from Yale and Hebrew University. He can be reached at [email protected]