Hamas flags on the Temple Mount
Hamas flags on the Temple Mount Jamal Awad/Flash90

Hamas is intentionally enlisting Arab-Israeli citizens who have one Israeli-born parent and one parent born in Gaza or an area under Palestinian Authority (PA) control, Israel Hayom reported.

According to an internal Shabak (Israel Security Agency) document presented to the Israeli government, these Arabs are enlisted to carry out terror and intelligence activities. In some cases, they are enlisted while visiting family in Gaza, utilizing their feelings of identification with Gazans in light of the security tensions.

The data examines a list of PA terror activities within pre-1967 Israel, which occurred in 2020 and up until May 2021. These activities included actual acts of terror or intelligence collection for Hamas, and were sometimes carried out during rounds of fighting with the terror organization.

The activities included the use of weapons - both firearms and others - as well as the collection of information on the IDF's activities and the movement of its forces. In addition, Hamas demanded that these young people report where rockets fell within Israel. In some cases, the terror attacks were carried out.

The Israeli citizens enlisted lived, among other locations, in Rehovot, Lod, and Bedouin settlements in the Negev. One of Shabak's conclusions was that specifically among the second generation from family reunifications, there is a willingness to give up the advantages that living in Israel offers over living in Gaza. The Shabak analysis found that the second generation often has a split identity, with them identifying as Israelis while at the same time identifying with their families in Gaza. This complexity causes some of them to act on behalf of Hamas, more than Arabs who have two Israeli parents.

This data is in line with 12 incidents in the past decade in which descendants of family reunifications were involved in terror attacks, as accomplices or terrorists. Among others, a terrorist whose mother is from Gaza murdered IDF soldier Ron Kokia in 2017 near Be'er Sheva, and a resident of Deir al Balah who has Israeli citizenship was enlisted as a terrorist to the Islamic Jihad's infrastructure for the purpose of carrying out a terror attack at an event hall and kidnapping a soldier.