Shlomo Filber
Shlomo FilberFlash90

Despite damning revelations of unauthorized police used of NSO spyware to derive information on state witness Shlomo Filber, the trial of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to resume on Monday, according to a report on Channel 13 News.

Following police admissions after their initial denial, an investigation was launched by the Justice Ministry into the use of spyware technology; the findings are to be handed over by Sunday evening or Monday morning. Police continue to insist that they spied only on Filber and that the evidence derived from their spying does not invalidate the trial’s proceedings in any way. The investigation is expected to confirm the police account, concluding that materials extracted from Filber’s cell phone did not influence the course of the trial.

Nonetheless, the defense teams of the former Prime Minister and of Shaul Elovitch, the owner of Bezeq, are expected to ask the Jerusalem District Court to reject Filber’s testimony.

Netanyahu’s defense attorneys have insisted on finding out what materials were uncovered by police wiretaps; the information is allegedly still stored in police databases.