Rabbi Baruch Efrati
Rabbi Baruch EfratiR.B.E.

Question: Dear Rabbi Efrati,

In reaction to the new Israeli TV advertisement for the Doritos snack which unashamedly includes photos of same-sex "families" in its idyllic family scenes as if that is a legitimate established norm, in an attempt to force-feed not only the snack but the liberal progressive lifestyle on our children, I would like to ask whether it is a halakhic obligation to refrain from purchasing the snack until they stop airing the advertisement.

Rabbi Efrati Responds:

Of course it is required that we refrain from supporting publicly expressed pride in unacceptable lifestyles like those prevalent in ancient pagan Egypt that we were warned to avoid, such as women who are intimate with one another as described in the Shulchan Aruch Even Haezer chapter 20.

How much more must we refrain from supporting the attempted normalization of homosexual acts, a lifestyle promoted by ancient Rome, and a clear Torah transgression. It is forbidden to be accepting when those whose lifestyle it is go vauntingly public, calling themselves a family, acting proudly against modesty and humility and the Jewish family as proscribed by our holy Torah.

Our nation was founded when we left Egypt and the essence of that Exodus from Egypt is our adherence to the sanctity of the Jewish family. Egypt was called a land of vice and its culture was permeated with public immorality and incest. That is why Abraham was afraid his wife Sarah would be snatched and he would be murdered. That is why Pharaoh himself took her in a public demonstration.

As opposed to the impurity of Egypt, G-d redeemed us and made us his precious people, so that we could lead mankind in the holiness of our covenant with Him, to cleave to our spouse as one flesh, to increase the modesty, pure and innocent fear of G-d, with humility, in our world.

Even when we went down to Egypt, the Torah says: "and Jacob, each man and his household came" and we left as families "..each family according to the house of his forebears", this is what we gave our lives for, this is why we were liberated from bondage, "with your blood you will live." That is why we were punished in the sin of the Shittim (for having promiscuous relations with the daughters of Midian, ed.) where the commentators tell us that this was a planned way to try to annihilate the Jewish people, for even in ancient times, pagans knew that "the Jewish God abhors licentiousness."

Today, as well, the values of pagan impurity have made a comeback in European and Western culture, harming the Godly Jewish family, tempting it to find a place under the wing of the old-new culture found in Egypt-Rome-Berlin.

That is why this product must not be purchased. "Do not join hands with the wicked (Exodus 23, 1)."

As an aside, even without the perversion that tries to harm the Jewish family, there is also the halakhic imperative for every son and daughter of Torah to eat healthy foods and avoid those filled with fat and sugar that are harmful to health.

As the Rambam wrote in Hilkhot Deot, chapter 3:

"All of a person's actions must be directed to knowing God, Blessed be He, alone; his arising, resting, speaking, everything must be directed to that end.


"When he does business or works for a salary, his heart should not be occupied with the idea of amassing wealth, but should do these things…to find whatever sustenance the body requires.

"He should not eat everything he feels a yen for, as if he were a dog or donkey, but should eat the things that help him, whether sweet or bitter.. but not things that are bad for the body even if they taste good…"

He who follows this path all his life, serves God always.