Rescuers in Morocco on Saturday pulled a five-year-old boy from a deep well in Ighrane in Morocco's Chefchaouen province, Arab News reported.

Rayan, age five, fell about 32 meters (105 meters) into the well on Tuesday afternoon.

According to local reports, King Mohamed VI spoke with Rayan's parents, offering condolences.

During the rescue efforts, rescue workers succeeded in placing a camera into the deep, narrow well, along with an oxygen tube. According to Al Arabiya, the only way to reach Rayan was by digging a hole and pulling him from the opposite side of the well.

Earlier, Abdelhadi Tamrani, the official in charge of the rescue operation, had said he had "big hopes" of pulling Rayan from the well alive, Arab News said. But Tamrani, who "still had hope he is alive," also said that Rayan was not eating or drinking, and may have fallen into a coma.

Rayan's mother told local media, "When I did not find him, I understood that he had fallen into the well located near the house."

His father told Al Arabiya that the last time he saw Rayan, through surveillance cameras, was Thursday afternoon.