Sarah Huckabee Sanders
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On Sunday, January 30, amid the aftermath of a snowstorm that battered New York, Sarah Huckabee Sanders partook in a fundraising effort for her run to be the next governor of Arkansas, a position once held by her father, Governor Mike Huckabee. The effort was the brainchild of Dr. Joe Frager, a longtime Jamaica Estates resident and QJL columnist.

“Sarah is a great friend of Israel,” related Dr. Frager in a conversation with the Queens Jewish Link, as he reminisced of his 14-year background with Sarah, now a happily-married mother of three. “Her father is probably one of the greatest friends Israel has, and she will be very similar in keeping her father’s legacy alive.”

Dr. Frager joined President Donald Trump on his first and only trip to the Holy Land following his election win. It was on this trip that Dr. Frager predicted Sarah’s appointment as Press Secretary. “On our last trip to Israel, shortly after President Trump was elected, we all expected to stay at the King David Hotel. Governor Mike and I actually were reaccommodated, and Sarah was privileged to stay at the hotel as part of the President’s detail, then a senior advisor.” Of the trip, Dr. Frager notes, “President Trump’s speech at the Israel Museum was a great moment and high point of his presidency.” There Trump remarked, “Israel is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people. From all parts of this great country, one message resounds - and that is the message of hope.”

At the benefit, both Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, Executive Vice-President RAA/Igud, and Rabbi Duvid Katz, RAA/Igud Director of Development and Menahel, spoke. Afterwards, Rabbi Mirocznik commented on the experience, “I was very happy to meet Sarah Huckabee Sander who stands out to be a great American with a vision who firmly believes in the Constitution and the rule of law. She also understands the importance in maintaining the Israeli-American alliance and fully comprehends the service of the vital role that Israel plays in securing the Middle East.” Rabbi Katz added, “I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Huckabee Sanders. She has the defining character trait of morality and recognizes that family comes first. Moreover, she believes that all Americans should be treated as one family and be able to get from the country what is best for themselves. It is her belief that America is a place of freedom for every religion and where none should be hated against.”