Representatives of a pro-life Israeli organization paid a condolence call to the former spy Jonathan Pollard this week, following the passing of his wife, Esther Pollard.

During the visit at Pollard’s home in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem, activists from the ‘EFRAT’ pro-life organization – including EFRAT’s general manager Haggai Goldschmidt, EFRAT development director Nir Salomon, EFRAT visitor center manager Gidon Levy, and EFRAT aid chief Ruthy Tidhar – members of the delegation presented Pollard with a receipt for a donation he made to the organization while serving his prison sentence in a federal penitentiary in the US.

The receipt, dating back to 2002, showed a check Pollard had written to EFRAT for the sum of five dollars.

Pollard explained to the EFRAT representatives that five dollars was the sum he received each month as a federal prison inmate, and that he had decided to give his entire monthly allowance to the organization.

“That was my salary for the month, five dollars. So what did I do with it? I sent as tzedakah [charity] to Efrat.”

The former spy said that it was his wife, Esther, who convinced him to make the donation, saying that it is “better to perform mitzvas than to buy food in prison.”