Shlomo Filber
Shlomo FilberMiriam Alster/FLASH90

The senior official who had spyware installed on his cell phone has been revealed to be the former director general of the Communications Ministry, now state witness Shlomo Filber, Channel 13 News reported Thursday night.

The Justice Ministry is investigating why police used the software only against him. It should be noted that just last week, police misled the Prosecution, denying the use of spyware software in relation to any of the cases against former premier Benjamin Netanyahu. When the Prosecution insisted, another investigation was conducted and only then did police admit the use of the software against Filber.

Following the revelation, a crisis of trust developed between the Prosecution and the police, the former demanding that the police re-examine the measures used in the cases. Concurrently, the Prosecution promised Netanyahu's lawyers answers early next week.

Yesterday, Channel 13 News reported that police used an intrusive spyware program without permission in order to gather information on one of the main people involved in the cases against former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to an investigation currently underway at the Justice Ministry.

According to the report, extensive mobile content including photographs, phone numbers, correspondence history and use of various apps was extracted by the police without a proper warrant.

Attorney Jacques Chein, representing Shaul and Iris Elovitch, responded: "If there is truth in the report, it is a serious crime and yet another example of how police have breached all boundaries in the investigation against the Elovitch couple. We have been warning about this for years. It is clear that in a law-abiding state there must be far-reaching consequences for such deeds and there is no doubt that the last word on the subject has yet to be said."

The revelations have the potential to significantly delay the highest profile trial in the country, as the attorneys for the defendants can now request a repeat cross-examination of Filber. Whether such a request will be granted by the court remains to be seen.

Police responded in a statement saying: "In accordance with the Attorney-General's decision regarding the appointment of an investigative team, police will cooperate fully and transparently with any investigation required, and naturally will not divulge details of the proceedings while they are ongoing."