Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto
Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pintonone

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto has spent the past week in London, on a trip to inspire others.

Over the course of the week, Rabbi Pinto held dozens of Torah and ethics classes, and received thousands of people who sought his advice and guidance.

On Wednesday night, Rabbi Pinto gave a Torah class in the Belz study hall in the British capital. Following the class, hundreds of hasidim came up to him for a blessing and advice, and received a coin for protection and success.

During the reception at the Belz study hall, an unusual and moving scene took place: Rabbi Pinto was presented with a notepad of handwritten notes by the Hasam Sofer, who began writing in 1799. Included in the notepad was a handwritten commentary on the Book of Deuteronomy.

"Rabbi Pinto's love for the teachings of our master, the Hasam Sofer, is well-known, and there is no day that passes without him learning the teachings of the Hasam Sofer. When he received his handwritten notes - he was very happy and moved," Rabbi Pinto's students explained.

Earlier, Rabbi Pinto met with Rabbi Moshe Menachem Weiss, a Jewish judge and the rabbi of the Satmar Mahara community in London, for an inspirational conversation and holy words of Torah. During the week, Rabbi Pinto met with the British Lord Rami Ranger, a member of the House of Lords and a member of the British Conservative Party.

Ranger arrived at the hostel where Rabbi Pinto was staying, and the two spoke privately for a long while. Among the topics of conversation was the welfare of British Jews during the coronavirus pandemic and in general.

Ranger promised Rabbi Pinto that he would do everything he can to help with the needs of the United Kingdom's Jewish community, saying, "Britain without the Jews is not the same Britain. The Jews are an integral part of us."

He also condemned the recent anti-Semitic incidents, saying, "We must eradicate anti-Semitism from the world."

Rabbi Pinto thanked Ranger for his warm words, saying, "As you work to increase good and peace in the world - so may you know only good in everything you do." The two also agreed to meet again in the near future.

At the beginning of the week, Rabbi Pinto held a large inspirational event in the Beis Rochel hall in Stamford Hill, after which each person came up to him to receive his blessing.

In his speech, Rabbi Pinto explained the situation of the current generation, in which "the truth is absent," saying that the correct path is to follow the previous generations, and especially Moshe (Moses), with regards to peace. Earlier, he met Rabbi Elyakim Schlesinger, a senior European rabbi and yeshiva dean, for an inspirational conversation filled with Torah teachings.

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