Netanyahu visits Jonathan Pollard
Netanyahu visits Jonathan Pollard no credit

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem Thursday to pay a shiva visit to Jonathan Pollard over the death of his late wife, Esther.

"I came to comfort Jonathan Pollard on the death of his heroic wife, the late Esther. The whole nation of Israel embraces Jonathan at this difficult time," he tweeted.

Esther Pollard passed away Monday morning two weeks after contracting the coronavirus. She had battled cancer for several years prior to making Aliyah with her husband in 2020.

At the funeral, Jonathan Pollard said: "At the end, I was given two choices, let her die naturally, or let her fight. I looked at the doctors and I said, 'you know, this woman fought for me for thirty years. I'm not giving up on her. I'm gonna give her the opportunity to do what she does best, which is to fight. And he agreed, and everybody actually was very relieved." he said.

"This is the loyalty a husband owes a wife. And she sure demonstrated loyalty to her husband over so many years," Pollard declared.