PorushFlash 90

The World Mizrachi Movement responded to MK Porush’s comments comparing the Bennett government to the Mizrachi movement.

"Just as the Mizrahi movement has disappeared and does not exist, so this government, with G-d's help, will very quickly disappear from the map," he had said.

"MK Porush might wish to be more careful with what he wishes Prime Minister Bennett. Mizrachi, the second largest party in the National Institutions, is a thriving global movement with growing branches in thousands of communities across the globe.

"The Religious Zionist Movement in Israel continues to make a major difference to all walks of life - education, welfare, the army, settling the land and so much more . Instead of making divisive and ignorant comments, we invite MK Porush to join our 120th celebrations this year and to learn about Mizrachi’s vibrant activities.

"He should also learn from Mizrachi’s proud history of uniting Am Yisrael around the values of Torat Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael."