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A new bill to expand the tax on plastic bags has been put forward, Israel Hayom reported.

The bill is signed by no less than 10 MKs, and aims to further reduce Israel's use of plastic bags at supermarkets and other stores, by requiring consumers to pay for each bag.

Under the current law, consumers only have to pay for plastic bags in grocery stores which are part of large chains. The new bill would expand the law to include toy stores, clothing stores, and more, as well as thicker plastic bags, which until now have been exempt from the charge.

The new law would also include the thinner bags which are used for vegetables and fruits, as well as the wrappings used at fish and meat counters.

Signatories to the new bill include MKs Michael Rosin, Mossi Raz, Idit Silman, Eitan Ginsburg, Gabi Lasky, Na'ama Lassimi, Yurai Lahav-Herzano, Emily Moatti, Gilad Kariv, and Inbar Bzak.

"We must continue reducing the consumption of bags, which causes great damage to the environment," the bill's introduction states. "Therefore, it is proposed to require all of those involved in commerce to charge for these bags." The bill adds that its goal is "to influence consumers' behavior."

Likud MK Ofir Katz told Israel Hayom, "This is such a disconnected coalition. It doesn't just stab you in the back - it also turns the knife around inside you. During this period, in which every citizen feels the rise in prices, in which the cost of living is skyrocketing because they have raised taxes, when people are struggling without any financial aid from the government - they propose a law like this one."

Turning to the coalition, Katz continued, "Shame on you! You are completely lacking in humanity and compassion towards the citizens who you were elected to serve."