Osem pasta
Osem pastaHadas Parush/Flash 90

The chairman of the Israeli company Osem, Dan Proper, and the company's CEO, Avi Ben Assayag, on Tuesday met with Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman.

The meeting took place a day after Liberman and Economy Minister Orna Barbivai called on the largest Israeli companies not to dramatically raise the prices of their products.

According to Channel 12 News, it was agreed upon in Tuesday’s meeting that, during the next three months, there will be an in-depth examination of various ways to reduce the price increases of the company's products.

As a result, Osem, which has already received harsh public criticism over its conduct, will postpone the planned increase in the price of its products until after Passover.

The meeting took place one day after tens of thousands of people shared a post from the Facebook page of the Channel 13 program “Hazinor”, which called for a boycott of pasta made by Osem due to the high price difference between their pastas and pastas made by competing brands.

Meanwhile, chemical products manufacturer Sano also responded on Tuesday to the pressure of angry consumers over the wave of rising prices, and announced that it would lower the prices of dozens of products starting Wednesday morning.

Among the products whose prices will be reduced by Sano: Washing gel will cost 28 shekels instead of 35 shekels, fabric softener will cost 15 shekels instead of 20 shekels, a small package of washing powder will now cost 12 shekels instead of 17 shekels, and a large package will cost you 43 shekels instead of 50 shekels.