London, UK (illustration)
London, UK (illustration) Flash 90

The Battersea Power Station, a decommissioned coal-fired power plant in London, UK, was widely rebuked for honoring Holocaust Memorial Day by lighting up its chimneys, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

On Thursday, Battersea Power Station posted a since-deleted tweet: “We’re lighting our chimneys purple this evening to take part in the #LightTheDarkness national moment today. On Holocaust Memorial Day, we remember those who suffered and we stand against prejudice and hatred in the world today.”

The post included a photo of the famous London landmark with its chimneys lit up in purple.

But several days later, the post began to draw the attention of users on social media who noted that lighting up the power plant’s chimneys was in extremely poor taste as chimneys are intimately associated with the death camps were Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

After the backlash began, the Battersea Power Station Twitter account deleted the post.

There were many related comments from Jewish users on Twitter wondering how the power plant could have not realized its error, asking if it had consulted any Jews before making the decision to light up its chimneys.

Other London landmarks who lit up their buildings to mark Holocaust Memorial Day included the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Palace, which tweeted: “We remember those who were murdered for who they were, and stand against prejudice and hatred today.”