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A bus driving through the heavily Jewish Stamford Hill area of London, England targeted Jews leaving synagogue on Shabbat by blaring an anti-Jewish slur on speakers.

The open-top bus drove past a Stamford Hill synagogue while playing the offensive phrase “Yiddos go home” over loudspeakers on Saturday, according to a video shared by Shomrim that did not include sound.

“An open bus was driven along Stamford Hill at 12:20pm with speakers blaring “Yiddos Go Home.” They appeared to be targeting Orthodox Jews leaving synagogue,” Shomrim tweeted.

The video showed a red open-top bus driving through Stamford Hill. There were passengers on the top deck. A banner hung down the side of the bus.

London police told The Daily Mail that they had been contacted about the video.

The incident took place only days after two elderly Jews were viciously attacked by a man as they stood conversing on a street in Stamford Hill.

The bus company that rented out the bus responded to the incident with a statement on Twitter.

“We hired out our vehicle with a driver to what we understood to be a church group,” Ensignbus said. “We had absolutely no idea that this would happen or was planned and we are now investigating the matter and will be speaking to the client. We are happy to assist the police with any investigation.”

The company added that “our driver unfortunately did not hear anything due to the general amount of noise from the number of people upstairs. If anyone has audio (or video with audio) of what was said, we would like to hear it to help with our own investigation.”