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Dr. Christian Perronne, a Professor of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the University of Versailles-St Quentin who previously was chairman of the French National Technical Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization and vice-chairman of the European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization at the World Health Organization, at a January 12 debate on child vaccination at the Luxembourg parliament slammed corruption related to the COVID crisis during the past two years.

“I would have two main messages to tell you in this crisis: We have flouted science and we have flouted rights," he said, according to a translation provided by "The Washup" Twitter account.

“We flouted science because all the decisions of our politicians are based on experts who, unfortunately - we know now, it’s public - have major conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry,” he said, adding that decisions are made while providing “zero scientific references.”

On the other hand, he said he has written two books “that have never been contested on a scientific basis and in which there are dozens of pages of proof - everything I say is referenced.”

“I have never changed my opinion in two years and no one has ever corrected me on any single claim, even if the media every day say that I am a conspiracy theorist because that’s they only word they have, since they can’t find any arguments.”

“Then, when there was so-called scientific proof we saw fraud accumulate,” he continued, noting “publications in the world’s greatest journals that were fraudulent.”

“You all remember Lancetgate, when they wanted to discredit the Chloroquine; well, lobbies paid a team and a journal to release a fraudulent study, which blocked everything in the whole world.”

“More recently in the British Medical Journal there was Pfizergate which showed that a part of the Pfizer studies to obtain authorization for their so-called vaccine was fraudulent. In France, the media never spoke about it except for a small article in Le Figaro. That’s fairly scandalous,” he said, “whereas when the Lancet was released, all the media were talking about it.”

“Conflicts of interest are major, whether they are with experts, with media. This is public. It’s not fake news, it’s not me saying it."

He pointed to the French government which,”in addition to tens of millions of Euros they give to primary media each year, for two years has given 3 billion Euros to media,” despite the fact that “France’s coffers are supposedly empty.”

“That would make a lot of hospitals we could build.”

Turning to “these products that we call vaccines,” he noted that, as one who for years was “considered a vaccine specialist in France, in Europe, in the world,” he believes “the biggest scandal of this epidemic is that we have been made to believe that these are vaccines. They are not at all vaccines.”

“The proof now is we know they don’t work, that they don’t prevent contamination, that they don’t prevent severe outcomes.”

He noted that “in countries that are the most vaccinated, we can see that more than 90% in intensive care are double and triple vaccinated.”

"That it doesn't prevent transmission [is] the formal proof that these are not vaccines.”

“We need to stop this delirium of wanting to vaccinate for an illness which almost doesn’t kill anymore. Where are the deaths?"

Dr. Perronne said that “A lot of figures have been inflated, because with these PCR that are amplified above what is scientifically authorized - normally - we have inflated the epidemic’s figures, we have inflated the number of deaths. People who arrived at the hospital for other things, if they have a positive test, we said they died of COVID when they died absolutely of something else.”

“And then what shocked me enormously, as a vaccine specialist, is that for a normal vaccine it takes 10 years for it to be authorized. When I see the scandal with pregnant women … Normally it takes 10 years after definite authorization, of commercial use, for it to be authorized for a pregnant woman, with enough hindsight,” he said, while in the case of the COVID shot “in a few months it was authorized.”

“What shocks me is the absence of scientific studies on these decisions. When our governments say it takes 3 doses, soon 4 doses, 5 doses, 6 doses, 7 doses - we don’t know - there is zero scientific data to support these decisions.

“What shocks me greatly is the European Medicines Agency admitted last summer that they did not know the full composition of these vaccines, and despite that they authorize it.

“What we now know officially based on databases is that the vaccines caused 36,000 deaths in Europe, 25,000 in the USA, including hundreds of athletes,” he said, adding that data from the US “showed there is an increase in deaths from cancer following vaccination.”

“I think the best example is that the countries which did not vaccinate, or which stopped vaccination, are the countries where the epidemic is over,” he continued, citing the example of India.

“The last word is on rights. I would say that all of it is illegal, since as it was stated earlier, a conditional use authorization can only be obtained if we have demonstrated that there are no effective treatments.” However, “We have hundreds of published studies, the example of India and other countries which show that there are effective treatments.”

“And especially, the most important is that we are still in phase 3 experimentation and that by international treaties including the Nuremberg code, it is totally forbidden to impose an obligation for an experimental product."

He said “parliamentarians who vote to obligate an experimental product [...] can be personally prosecuted in an international court for an extremely grave error: endangering the lives of human beings.”

“Since we’re talking about children, I will finish on this: There are children dying from the vaccine, and now we know that those that die from the vaccine are more numerous than those who die from COVID, because there are practically zero deaths from COVID.”

He said he personally knew of a 17 year old girl and 20 year old girl who died of pulmonary embolism and myocardial infarction following vaccination.

“I ask for a moratorium on these products that are not vaccines, were not evaluated in a correct way, for which we will have definitive evaluations in many years,” he concluded.