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Traffic Police Police Spokesperson

The official police traffic reports for 2021 have been released, showing the most common traffic violations of the last year, how enforcement was affected by Operation Guardian of the Walls, and how many people were prosecuted for traffic violations.

The Israel Hayom newspaper reported that in 2021, the Israel Police distributed 1,235,938 traffic reports, a decrease of about 13% compared to 2020.

In May - during the Arab riots in Lod, Acre and Jaffa - there was a drastic decrease in the number of reports to only 88,777, which is 45% less than in May 2020.

Attorney Eyal Basarglik, an expert in criminal, white collar, traffic, and constitutional law, said that "the sharp drop in data probably does not show that Israelis have started to behave more calmly and patiently, but mainly emphasizes a lack [of enforcement] by the police, which faces a severe manpower shortage."

"In the past year there have been many incidents that have required police attention: from riots during Operation Guardian of the Walls, through mass demonstrations at Balfour st (at the Prime Minister's Residence) and bridges across the country, to enforcement of coronavirus regulations - which, unlike today, in early 2021 was still a major government goal. Police standards do not match the real needs and the fact that people travel much less during a period of lockdown has probably led to a sharp decline in traffic offense enforcement," the lawyer added.