Alan Bergstein
Alan BergsteinINN: AB

Why are we purposely keeping our eyes closed to the crime pandemic rapidly eating away at our country with little or no apparent concern on the part of our progressive elected leaders - while we are all putting every effort into fighting the covid virus? The answer is that the medical dilemma is not racially or politically based; the crime wave, on the contrary, is saturated with both such lethal ingredients formulated for disaster.

The criminals are statistically, consistently, predominantly black and the reality denying politicians and their media cohorts are Democrats. A figure to ponder while you read on: Black males constitute 6.5% of the population yet they commit nearly 50% of the our nation's murders.

Manhattan's newly elected District Attorney Alvin Bragg, himself black, will surely earn the vote of the borough's law breakers with his statements promising to be easy on them when they appear in court.

And talking of Manhattan, since January 1st, 5 cops have been shot, reportedly all by blacks. Last week, Officer Jason Rivera, 22, was shot to death, in Harlem, by career criminal Lawshawn McNeil. McNeil should have been sitting in jail for his prior crimes rather than be free to kill a cop. But McNeil is black and was given a racial get-out-of-jail card. Criminal encouragement anyone? We'll include the now forgotten story of Michelle Go, who was pushed to her death, in front of a 42nd St. subway train last week, by Simon Martial, another black criminal with a long line of prior arrests. Good luck to law abiding New Yorkers this year!

Let's move our thoughts to Chicago, where black on black murders have soared this past year. 2021 saw 836 murders in the Windy City with mostly black victims and same race perpetrators.

The videos of lootings across the country of retail establishments have shown blacks running out of stores overloaded with purloined merchandise.

A rational, reasonable solution to the soaring black crime rate is initially to have our politicians bravely speak out on this subject; of the need to push for black youth, boys and girls alike, to take seriously their Education, Employment, Marriage and Family relations. The single family Mom with the absentee Dad has to become a thing of the past.

Black young people have to be encouraged to take education seriously without being pandered to, grade wise. Affirmative Action in all its forms, has to go. They must have successful role models to emulate: To make it acceptable and"fashionable" to stay in school to focus on their futures as professionals or skilled workers, so necessary in today's society.

Let Al Sharpton, Kamala Harris, Joy Reid, Don Lemon and Juan Williams start the move to re-indoctrinate black young men to go straight rather than point their fingers at phony charges of "White Privilege," "Police Brutality" and racism as causes for their high incarceration rates.

It's time to drop the notion that blacks cannot make it in society because of the bigotry of whites. If guys like Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Dr. Ben Carson, Colin Powell and Herman Cain can make it, so can the millions of other black young adults who just need a bit of encouragement to stay on the straight and narrow path to a pleasant adulthood.

The two parent home, serious attitude to schooling, marriage, hard work and finally facing reality will cut their crime rate drastically and save thousands of lives, black included. It's going to be tough to do. And it's getting late.