David Bedein
David BedeinEliron

A version of a letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post reveals a problem that may affect us all in our reporting or reading the news from Israel. Read on:

Dear Mr. Katz,

In your column on January 28, 2022 you identify masked rioters in and around Arab villages as Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

Has the correspondent for the Jerusalem Post who covers Judea and Samaria ever provided names of the rioters or documented the names of the communities where these masked rioters live? This information has not appeared in the media, which is obssessed with "settler crime," a rare phenomenon which, if and when it occurs, needs to be stopped.

Have you noticed that the riots of masked settlers often take place in the presence of security forces, who supply pictures of masked rioters to the media, to foreign diplomats and to NGOs that are funded by the New Israel Fund, always with the caption: “masked settlers?"

Betselem and Haaretz regularly distribute pictures of these masked rioters who commit violent crimes in the presence of israel security forces.

Because of the proximity of the rioters to security forces, I have used my press credentials as a journalist for 35 years to ask Israel police intelligence why they they do not arrest these masked rioters when he police and the IDF witness the act of violence, a question to which they have no response.

Have you ever asked the IDF and the GSS to explain why these masked men are not arrested?

Full disclosure: Have covered ISM,the International Solidarity Movement for Makor Rishon and other newspapers.

ISM is a well organized anarchist group which uses clever infiltration such as such as wearing tzitzit- fringed garments - and prayer shawls, flowing from their shirts to gain entry and access to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, while befriending pro-Arab NGOs .

Have you ever asked anyone in the police or GSS about whether some or all of the the masked rioters are indeed disguised members of the ISM or any other anarchist group? Things like that have happened before.